Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blogger is free blogging platform, that means you can make your own website/blog for free, no hosting charges, you don`t need to pay anything for domain it is absolutely free. Blogger is own by Google so your blog will be alive as soon as you create it.

So let`s get started.

To create your own blog on blogger platform you must have google account. Create google account and login to

To create a new blog click on "New Blog Button"

When you click on new blog button you will be given a box with several boxes you must fill in. First one is Title, in this box enter your blog name like "My First Blog" or something. In Adress box enter your blog address for example : .
Then choose the free template for your blog. and click create blog.

create new blog

Now your blog is created! Congratulations!
Now you are ready to write your first post.

Enjoy blogging!


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